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About Us

EZ Clean Services has 5 years worth of Professional cleaning expertise and is passionate about delivering on our client’s cleaning requirements through our aim to:

  • Deliver against all our promises.
  • Transform cleaning standards.
  • Ensure joint success.

Our Team

Our CRB checked cleaners are meticulous, reliable and consistent. All our team receive health & safety training, have extensive cleaning experiences and new members also undergo onsite training to maintain our standards.

We also conduct regular audits, by doing this we can ensure that our high standards are kept and can show reports to our clients, this also creates job satisfaction for our team members.

We provide clients with the same cleaner so that they understand all needs, requirements and are familiar and comfortable with the same person every visit.

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Health & Safety

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Health & Safety is of paramount importance to EZ Clean Services and our Company is fully committed to the compliance of all rules, regulations, codes of practice and best practice governing Health & Safety.

Health & Safety will overarch all services provided by EZ Clean Services to meet each client’s needs. To this end, EZ Clean Services will provide, within the scope of the services, a safe, secure and comfortable working environment for customers and EZ Clean Services's team members alike.

EZ Clean Services comply and adhere to our Health & Safety obligations by using the following procedures within a regular monitoring and measurement system:

  • Company and site induction training
  • Machinery induction training (as necessary)
  • Health & Safety awareness
  • Method statements for all works and tasks
  • Implementation of safe systems of work
  • Hazardous substances – COSHH data sheets and assessments
  • Risk assessments for all activities and tasks
  • Provision of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident and incident reporting

Environmental policy & Environmentally Sustainable Cleaning

There is strong demand from governments, companies and the public to encourage environmental sustainability. EZ Clean Services fully support, and put into practice, environmentally sustainable cleaning methods.

Environmental Policy

EZ Clean Services is committed to minimising the negative environmental impacts of their business activities.

As well as complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements, there is an organisation-wide focus on leading the industry in ‘Green Cleaning’ procedures for environmental protection, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

Adhering to our Customers Environmental Policies

As the majority of our business activity takes place on the customers premises, we make it a priority to discuss and adhere to the customers own Environmental Policy where ever possible.

Product and Equipment suppliers

EZ Clean Services sources all of the equipment and products used by our cleaner. We constantly research and review the products and equipment used, to ensure that they have a minimal environmental impact.

Ongoing Training and Improvement

All our cleaning staff are trained in efficient, hygienic and environmentally sustainable cleaning practices. We ensure that they understand the hazards and care procedures associated with the specific chemicals that they use. In addition, any new information from internal research and development initiatives, is effectively communicated to all employees.

Liquid and Chemical Waste Management

We ensure that our Trade Waste is disposed of in the correct manner. All chemicals are stored safely, labeled correctly and the correct dilution procedures are followed strictly.

Solid Waste Management and Recycling

No solid waste is left on the customer’s premises and all solid waste is recycled where possible.

Energy Conservation

EZ Clean Services actively tries to reduce our (and your!) energy consumption. In addition, we only use only modern, efficient and regularly serviced equipment.

Emissions Management

Our company vehicles are economical and are serviced regularly to ensure the lowest possible emissions. Filters and other emission controlling devices are cleaned regularly on all emission producing equipment (E.g. Vacuums).

Contact Us Now on

[email protected]